First Impressions: Tokyo Revengers

Time travel... Why'd it have to be time travel? Good job capturing my personal reaction to remembering my own middle school days, Tokyo Revengers. No, but seriously, this one's pretty good. Art, animation, characterization, etc all work pretty well, and the plot is fairly intriguing so far. Not something I'll be keeping up with (unless … Continue reading First Impressions: Tokyo Revengers

First Impressions: Blue Reflection Ray

It's a magical girl anime. It's kinda slow paced, but if you're hankering for your coming of age in sparkly jewelry and dresses while fighting bad guys fix, this one'll probably serve. You're probably better off just re-watching Sailor Moon, though. Check us out on Patreon and consider donating so we can continue bringing you … Continue reading First Impressions: Blue Reflection Ray