Gintama Reviews Episode 57: When Looking for Something You’ve Lost Remember What You Were Doing On the Day You Lost It

originally posted on on february 9, 2017

Episode 57: When Looking for Something You’ve Lost Remember What You Were Doing On the Day You Lost It
This episode opens with a deal between Sakamoto’s guys and some dudes getting interrupted by guys in pink fetish gear, and before I actually...


This episode opens with a deal between Sakamoto’s guys and some dudes getting interrupted by guys in pink fetish gear, and before I actually start taking about it, I kinda want to take a moment to remark the current OP and ED, even though it’s been 7 episodes since they started so it’s a bit late for that.

The OP and ED are both very good. I couldn’t tell you anything about musical quality because I haven’t played music since my freshmen year of high school and don’t listen to much on its own, but I like the songs themselves, which is rare for anime music in general. This might be my favorite OP song thus far (including the season 3 and on ones), and while Mr Raindrop is still my favorite ED, this one comes in a fairly close second. The ED is very focused on Takasugi and his gang which makes it a touch spoilery in a “I have a sneaking suspicion that guy who’s only been in one episode is gonna be playing a major role this season” kinda way, but it’s still quite good.

Back in the episode, Mutsu shows up a Odd Jobs to ask them to a) help get back the goods and money that were stolen by the Pink Fetish Rangers; and b) find out where her idiot manchild of a boss has wandered off to. B) turns out to be fairly simple, as Gin-san already “pretty much” knows where he is, so they pick him up from Otae’s club and drag him away by his hair.

There’s a bit of an odd running gag in this episode where Sakamoto keeps getting rejected in English by every woman in Japan, which is likely either a reference to something, or one of those jokes that’s funnier if you speak Japanese. It doesn’t seem plot-relevant, but it’s odd so it bears mentioning.

Their investigations don’t seem to be going anywhere, so Gin-san accepts Sakamoto’s suggestion that they go drinking, and while Shin and Kagura are dragging the idiot manchildren back to Odd Jobs, they get attacked by the Fetish Brigade. Naturally, Gin-san claims that screwing around and getting drunk with his old friend was all part of the plan to lure them out, and considering how easily they handle the bad guys, he may not have been completely full of shit (though he is surprised to find that Tatsuma has switched to using guns).

The Aoki guys show up while Gin-san and Kagura are busy trying to murder Tatsuma for letting the bad guys run away, and they tell them that the Fetish Gang are working for an evil organization called Evil Organization (Ltd.) Clearly, it is their subtlety and wit that makes them dangerous.

They visit the evil organization’s evil headquarters in the middle of an evil otherwise empty field, and some Fetish Woopers attack, led by a bad guy from a previous episode that neither I nor Gin-san clearly remember.

Random question, but out of Gin-san’s four war buddies, why is the one he didn’t grow up with the only one who gets called by his first name? I guess Zura makes sense since it’s a nickname, but does Takasugi just hate his first name or something? It’s kinda weird.

Some stuff happens, then the Kaientai show up to blow up the enemy tank, led there by a beacon in the gun Mutsu gave Gin-san at the beginning of the episode. They arrest the bad guys, only to discover that someone stole the MacGuffins they’ve been searching for all episode during the fight. Turns out the Aoki guys hired the Evil Organization to steal everything so they could get the batteries for free whilst simultaneously committing insurance fraud, so Gin-san and Mutsu recover the goods, Odd Jobs gets paid, and the episode ends with Tatsuma getting kicked in the dick again.

I enjoyed this episode, but that’s more because of Tatsuma than anything else. The actual plot isn’t really all that interesting (though I don’t think it was supposed to be).

Next episode is the start of the Benizakura arc. Till next time.



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