First Impressions: Magical Girl Ore

magical girl ore

Isn’t it still March? Why is there a premier already when it’s still March?! And two episodes on the same day?! Who is responsible for this? HULK MUST SMASH.

Oh, by the way, hi I’m doing these on Word Press now. Since this is my first time doing this on a different site, I’m going to briefly give you the run-down on which premiers I review, and what will cause me to drop one partway through the episode. If you don’t care or are already familiar with my criteria, feel free to skip the next bit.

I review any premier that isn’t a sequel or spin-off (though remakes are okay) that I have no prior associations with. Occasionally a sequel or spin-off will slip through the cracks, but I’m pretty good about Googling them first. The premier also needs to be on Crunchyroll, because I don’t watch the ones on Amazon. From what I understand they don’t charge you extra for it any more, but I just can’t be bothered to keep up with anime on two sites. If you’d like me to start covering anime on Amazon, then for the low, low price of $1000 a month, you can have full editorial control of my blog. Otherwise, watch ’em yourself.

I also don’t cover premiers of idol anime, because my premiers of idol anime almost always consist of me complaining about how bored I am by idol anime. SilverFae16 on tumblr does those ones for me (if she has time).

Secondly, Auto-Drop Conditions. I have some. These are them:

  1. Setting up a romantic relationship between immediate family members
  2. Setting up a romantic relationship between an adult and a minor
  3. Rape jokes
  4. Boobies that go “boing”

Sometimes I’ll give some leeway on the last one if I’m already digging the premise or it fits with the tone of the episode (this one does not happen as often as you’d think), but usually not.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all you need to know to start with. On to the review!

This anime has one of those premises that can either go really, really well or super infuriatingly bad. I’m hoping it goes well, because I like magical girl anime (in theory, at least. the amount of it that panders to creepy old dudes is unfortunate) and that and the promise of the premise are enough to make me ignore the mention of idols in the description.

magical girl ore2
nice boat

Speaking of boobie boings I let slide if it matches the tone, this episode’s got one. She doesn’t have the gag boobs to go along with it, which actually kind of makes it less annoying. I probably would’ve let it go anyway because of my MIGHTY NEED to know if they’re actually gonna go there (which means I’m probably going to continue this series even if I hate it), but that was the first ever not-annoying boobie boing in history and the director or whoever deserves due credit for it. So, good job, Itsuro Kawasaki. Give yourself a pat on the back.

I like this show. It’s funny.

The love interest (?) has the same haircut as Subaru Natsuki. I’m not sure what to do with this information. At least his damn bangs aren’t in his damn face, I guess.

So since I don’t watch idol anime or listen to idol music (except BABYMETAL) I can’t be sure, but the songs being boring is the joke, right? Or are they not supposed to be boring? I honestly can’t tell with idol shit. It’s hilarious how Our Hero can’t sing at all, though. I didn’t expect them to go there.

Huge props to this show and it’s comedic curveballs, cause the only gag I successfully predicted was the demons being cute mascot-type characters.

Aside from not giving a shit about any of the idol crap, I liked this episode a lot. The animation was kind of not good, which leads me to wonder if the original manga might be a bit better at comedic timing, but the jokes landed. Most of the characters are typical gag anime archetypes, but they’re likable and the seiyuu do good jobs. I like the mascot yakuza. He’s delightful.

The idol stuff and low-quality animation would normally make this a 3-episode series, but as I mentioned, I’m curious about what they do with the gender bending magical girl transformation. I doubt it’ll go where I’d like it to, but I’m going to stick around to find out. Even if they don’t, I should hopefully be fairly consistently entertained (mostly).


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