Winter 2018 Anime You Should’ve Been Watching

originally posted on about 5 minutes ago lol

Working Buddies

What’s It About? a couple of kitties work various part-time jobs

Why Should I Watch It? because it’s a cute short full of fun characters. this kitty anime was overshadowed by the other kitty anime, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as good. there’s plenty enough room in the world for two short anime about kitties

Is There Any Reason I Might Not Like It? it’s mostly a comedy anime so ymmv on how funny it is, and despite a rotating cast of sempai, the only named female characters (that i can remember) are grey kitty’s family

Who’s The Best Character? this… thing

this nameless koala(??) shows up once an episode to spout contextless philosophy in a really deep voice. our kitties are rightly creeped out by it, but it manages to be funny every time

Where Can I Watch It and How Long Is It? crunchyroll and it’s 12 4-minute episodes + an extra episode that’s an interview with the voice cast/ad for the dvd, blu-ray, and tie-in cd/season 2 announcement and is worth watching mainly for the incredibly distracting kitties they’ve got running around in the background

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

What’s It About? a chinese assassin teams up with a baseball-obsessed private detective/assassin and his hundreds of billions of gay friends to solve problems around hakata

Why Should I Watch It? it’s got a few canonically queer characters that are actually likable, treated with respect, and have personality traits other than “queer”, the stories in the arcs are consistently entertaining, and while none of the plot twists are gonna catch you completely by surprise, the cast keeps the series fun to watch

it’s been kind of a toss-up for the past several weeks whether this one or karakai jouzu no takagi-san would end up here. i went with this one because i saw a couple of people on twitter still talking about takagi-san after the midpoint, but haven’t seen anybody talking about this. which is a shame, because up until the last one (which is still good, but has the “oops that guy you thought was dead isn’t” cliche that i really don’t like) each arc was progressively better than the one before

Is There Any Reason I Might Not Like It? if you don’t like crime anime this won’t change your mind. if you do, you might find this one a bit underwhelming because, again, none of the plot twists are particularly surprising. they also stuffed a girl in the fridge, but it’s a character i never expected to still be alive to begin with so ymmv on how much of a deal-breaker that is

Who’s The Best Character? everybody!

seriously, i can’t pick just one. with a gun to my head i might lean toward lin, but that’s mostly just because he’s the main focus for most of the series

Where Can I Watch It and How Long Is It? crunchyroll and 12 episodes


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