First Impressions: Kakuriyo -Bed&Breakfast for Spirits-

ey it’s yakuno

Why do the generic pop song OPs always get subtitled, but the ones with the characters talking to and interacting with each other don’t? It’s discrimination is what it is.

i’ve seen a fair number of cute kappas in my day, but these ones really take the cake

The summary says Our Hero is supposedly on her way to school, but she’s dressed like she’s on her way to work. Is she a college student? Is… Is Our Hero a grown-up? Like, an actual, no-shit, honest-to-god legal adult who can vote and buy alcohol and everything?? Because if so, that’ll make this is the second anime in as many years with an adult woman protagonist, which is still not nearly enough but is definitely better than the typical none, ever.

Her Grandpa looks like Yakumo. That’s… that’s the joke. I feel I should explain it because Yakuno sounds like it could be a character’s name, but it’s not. It’s a portmanteau of Yakumo and no, because he’s not Yakumo.

She is a college student! Oh, happy day, friends and neighbors, Our Hero is above the age of consent!

congratulations on making it over that floor-high bar once again, anime industry

Still though, if her grandpa just died the other day, you’d think she could take a day off of school. I have a sneaking suspicion her main character flaw is going to be “pushes herself too hard”.

‘a hot ogre…’

I like that Aoi doesn’t get all blushy when telling the ikeoni off for deciding that they’re engaged all by himself. It makes her seem genuinely annoyed or angry about it, like she should be, rather than that she’s just being tsundere.

Because comparisons to Ancient Magus’ Bride are pretty unavoidable with this set-up: there was your reference to Ancient Magus’ Bride. They have similar set-ups, except one is a teenager who got bought as a slave, and the other is a grown-up who got kidnapped by magic and taken to some other dimension that she can’t leave on her own. Also Aoi is more spirited than Chise was in the beginning, mostly because she’s not as super horrifically depressed. And she’s an adult. That’s really important.

Aoi looks really nice in that yukata. It’s pretty.

Kinda weird how she randomly started sharing her backstory with the fox, though it’s possible she was just thinking out loud. Can’t wait for the shocking reveal that the ayakashi who fed her when she was a kid was the ikeoni all along.

I’ve never had omurice because I like neither fried rice nor scrambled egg, but soy sauce seems like it’d work better on it than ketchup. Ketchup is kind of an overpowering condiment, after all.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It’s not normally my thing, but Aoi is a really likable lead, and it seems like she’s going to be the boss of the restaurant instead of an employee, which is nice. There are some obvious concerns with the premise of the romance part of the anime, but I’m feeling tentatively confident that it won’t completely shit the bed on that. And did I mention that I really like that Aoi is an adult. Because I really like that Aoi is an adult.

I’ll be sticking with this one.


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