First Impressions: Love To-LIE-Angle

Oh, it’s an Engrish pun. I get it. That’s, uh… That’s pretty clever. I guess.

I don’t really have any other opening comments, so let’s just do the thing.

i get it!

This short has some pacing issues. It’s surprisingly been awhile since we got a three-minute anime that tries to cram as much dialogue as the seiyuu can physically record into each episode, but there are also moments where it tries to take it’s time and build as much of an atmosphere as it can.

There are a lot of typical harem gags in this episode. I guess every harem anime needs a gimmick, and this one’s is that the Boring GeneriDude is a girl.

Given the general tone of the episode, I was hoping with Pink-Hair Girl ran off crying about Our Hero having forgotten something, it was going to be something really silly, like that the school year started earlier there than in Tokyo or something. I guess that would’ve been too much originality for this thing.

This isn’t my thing. If it was a full-length series it could probably be serviceable as a generic harem comedy if you’re into that, but the pacing problems of a short mean it doesn’t really work as it is. I’m gonna give it a pass.


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