First Impressions: Comic Girls

I don’t really have much opening comments for this one, aside from “So… It’s like Bakuman with girls? Except less boring, hopefully?” except that the summary makes it seem like they’re already working instead of just starting out, so… it’s like All You Need is a Sister with manga instead of light novels? And with more girls?

comic girls.png
oh, hey, natsuki. didn’t expect to see you here

Pink-Hair Girl looks like Natsuki and there’s a Purple-Hair Girl in the promo image that looks like Yuri, so I’m going to pretend this is a sequel to Doki Doki Literature Club and see if that enhances my enjoyment of it any.

How common are high school-aged professional manga artists in reality? Because I think it’s less so than this anime makes it seem, but I don’t actually know for sure and don’t want to look like an idiot by jumping to a conclusion.

comic girls2.png

comic girls3
dare i get my hopes up? no. no, i dare not. it’s a throw-away line so just… throw it away

I’m not sure how I feel about this. The DDLC thing didn’t work out very well because Kaoruko and Ruki’s personalities are polar opposites from Natsuki and Yuri, but even beyond that, there was stuff that was good, and other stuff that was less good. I think the biggest problem is that it feels like a gag anime trying really hard to be iyashikei. Sometimes that works, but not here.

I think I enjoyed this more than I didn’t so I’m going to give it three episodes. Hopefully it’ll find a more suitable tone.


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