First Impressions: Gurazeni: Money Pitch

I goddamn love baseball. I don’t watch it very often, or follow it very closely, but I do like it a whole heck of a lot. I’ve been doing first impression reviews for a couple of years now, and this is the first baseball anime I’ve had cross my path, which is a shame because, again, I goddamn love baseball.

So, there’s a very strong possibility that unless this hits one of my instant drop conditions, I’ll end up sticking with it regardless of overall quality. Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t do the bit anyway.

The first episode is called ‘My Workplace’ and Our Hero has a beard! This anime is about grown-ups! And baseball! Hell yeah!

money pitch.png
he’s even old enough for his frontal lobe to be fully developed. 10/10 anime of the year season two when

There’s a heavy focus on money in this episode. Not surprisingly given the title, but it helps to further make it stand out from the typical “for the love of the game” attitude of most sports anime. It’s not really framed as a character flaw, either. It shows Our Hero as having a practical view of the future and a good understanding of the reality of his career, without coming off as overly cynical.

money pitch2.png
‘no, no. special week. singular.’ ‘and that’s seriously what they went with for their main character? couldn’t they have chosen one a bit, idk, less dumb?’ ‘idk man the whole concept of the horse girl anime is dumb’

I liked this episode a lot, unsurprisingly. I didn’t expect the main focus to be more slice-of-life-y than anything else, but I like slice-of-life so it works. I’ll be sticking with this.





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