First Impressions: My Sweet Tyrant

I don’t get it.

At risk of sounding like a fedora-wearing MRA douchebag who cries himself to sleep every night about some woman cruelly deciding she wants to be my friend, I do not understand the appeal of the asshole. Why would you want to have to work for a basic level of respect from some dude? Don’t women have to do that all the time anyway? Why is it suddenly okay if he’s cute?

And conversely, why would you want your significant to only be nice to you? Are you worried they’ll want to fuck anyone they’re mildly polite to, and so you can only feel secure if they’re a complete dickhead to everyone on the planet, except you? That’s fucked up, if true.

I know I’m probably oversimplifying things, and I have seen tsundere’s done well before, but it’s really easy to take it too far (I’m lookin’ at you, Vaughn.)

Whatever. I’m a grown adult man who doesn’t find tsunderes appealing and am therefore not the target audience of this anime. I’m also writing this before I’ve actually started watching it, so it’s time for me to shut up and actually see how this concept works in execution.

sweet tyrant.png

sweet tyrant2.png
oh the burning passion

Oh God, this guy’s even worse than Vaughn. The worst Vaughn does is call you annoying. At least he doesn’t fling insults at you and then stalk you after you leave him alone.

This show is bad and dumb and I hate it, but at least it’s short. It’s technically a comedy, but the only funny thing about it is that it took me longer to write that little rant up there than the episode actually lasted. Pass.


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