First Impressions: You Don’t Know Gunma Yet

This seems like a tour guide series, where every episode will try and sell you on some new regional specialty of Gunma. I don’t know anything about Gunma except that it’s a prefecture in Japan, Our Heroes from A Place Further than the Universe were from there, and it seems to be The Boonies (though going by anime, anywhere that isn’t Kanto or Kansai is The Boonies) so this should be educational, at least.

you don' t know gunma.png
before starting the episode, i’ve already learned gunma is here. educational!

I didn’t know Todoroki was an actual last name. I thought Horikoshi made it up. This anime is already teaching me all sorts of things. For example, did you know it takes two hours to get to Gunma from Ueno? Did you need to know that? I didn’t, but I know it now.

you don' t know gunma2.png
‘i already know i moved here in elementary school. i was there when i did it’

This was weird, but good weird. And I learned new things. I’m not sure how useful any of it will be since I don’t live in Japan and am not planing on going any time soon, but learning is fun. I wonder if the mayor knew what the tone of this show was before he agreed to do his bit for it. I’m gonna stick with this.


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