First Impressions: Caligula

I had to have a little sit-down with myself to decide what does and does not qualify as “idol anime”. I concluded that it doesn’t mean “any anime with an idol in it”. It has to actually be about idols, doing the idol thing. Being based on an actual idol or group is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Anyway, the obvious: This anime is called Caligula. I could make a reference to either the Malcom MacDowell movie or the actual historical figure, but I know nothing about either aside from that they exist(ed). Still, I figure I should probably bring them up, because everybody who talks about this anime is probably going to bring one or both of them up.

hi, i’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to pronounce greek letters. did he just call her mew?

Yeah, my ass anyone gives a shit about the “sentiments” of idol songs. They’re the same sentiments of every idol song: “oh, yeah, you suuuuuper have a chance with me, creepy dude obsessed with teenagers, and this song that i totally wrote myself and is 100% genuine, sincere, and not at all written by a committee to appeal to the most number of people while offending the least will tell you allllll about how you can get into my tiny underage/fictional panties. also i don’t poop, apparently. because that’s something you care about, creepy dude obsessed with teenagers.”

Sorry, I’ll try to keep the comments talking shit about the idol industry or it’s fans to a minimum. I can’t promise I won’t make any, but I’ll try.

How lucky for Our Hero that his girl friend is dumb enough to think something’s math just because it’s square, so he can show off how smart he is for being able to read a book out loud.

Our Hero is a pretentious dick. I kind of hate him.

it’s pretty bad when even the protagonist’s friends think he’s annoying

Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I’ve also been guilty of being that asshole who gives people free lectures about shit they don’t care about with little to no provocation. Hell, just look at the amount of time I spent talking about sound design in MEGALOBOX. I know nobody cares, but I like to talk about things that interest me and have no brain-to-mouth filter. I don’t have a whole bunch of people going over everything I’m about to say before I say it, providing ample opportunities for someone to wonder if this bad habit will make me an insufferable prat that an audience would rather see fail, or at least shut up.


incidentally, these kids have that special gift of traveling at a rate of half an inch/sec despite walking at a normal pace

It’s really hard for me to believe that a teenager with his head as far up his own ass as Our Hero would be listening to idol music. The kid gives his friends dissertations on psychological concepts and wears a goddamn rose bolo tie to school. He’d obviously think idol music was beneath him. If that seems hypocritical coming from me, please note that I don’t dislike idols because I think I’m too good for them. I dislike them because I don’t find the music or the image particularly appealing. I like BABYMETAL and watch Kizuna AI, so it’s not as if I refuse to engage with the stuff at all.

ha ha he’s fat

This episode has a whole lot of what the fuck. And not the bad kind, either. I quite enjoyed it. I don’t like Our Hero, but in the way that people generally don’t like characters who remind them of the annoying shit that they themselves do. He doesn’t seem like a particularly bad guy, and isn’t the cynical asshole he could’ve been.

I’m curious about where this is going. I think I might stick with it.


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