First Impressions: Libra of Nil Admirari

Eyyy I actually typed the title up there without having to double check what it was. I didn’t even save the featured image under the proper title like I usually do. It’s just labeled “libra of something something something”.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia this anime kicks off with a suicide, so I’m assuming this will be a light-hearted comedy.

i find the term ‘japanese-style book’ incredibly confusing for some reason i can’t quite define

There’s a time and place in your anime for the cheesy, upbeat OP, and it’s generally not right after a scene where a kid strangles himself. It is mitigated slightly by the fact that it’s impossible to actually commit suicide that way, but even so. Maybe wait a few minutes, skip the OP this episode, or not bother with the flash forward at all.

Ah, I remember the days before portable gaming, when the only way to amuse yourself on a long drive (if you’re prone to motion sickness and can’t read) is to narrate your backstory to yourself. Those were dark days.

The setting in this anime is a bit weird. The characters all have Japanese names, the sign on the bookstore and title of the book are in Japanese, and Japan is mentioned by name, but the aesthetic is more Anime Europe than Japan. It’s based on an otome game and the setting shows it, but normally those games at least pay lip service to being set in Europe. Maybe it’s set in the same version of Japan as Bungo Stray Dogs, except without the famous author-based superpowers. I dunno.

‘that’s why i haven’t been seen reading any all episode’

This anime is just fine. There’s nothing bad in it whatsoever. The art style is nice and distinctive and the animation is solid. None of the characters really stood out as being particularly interesting, but they aren’t hateful, either. I was bored to tears, but anime like this aren’t for me and that’s fine. I’m passing, but if you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll probably dig it.


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