First Impressions: Crossing Time

This is a bit of a hard one to write opening comments for because my standard 2 seconds of pre-watch Googling told me nothing about this series aside from that it exists and is on Crunchyroll. Thanks, Google, you’ve been a great help.

the op looks like an ed

So I guess this anime has something to do with trains? That’s cool. I like trains. But this anime is more about hanging out at train crossings, which is less cool and a bit weird.

It’s cool how this series decided to give a big “fuck you” to queerbaiting right off the bat. I appreciated that. Still not enough for me to be interested in watching a series that’s pretty much just two girls chatting while waiting for the train crossing every week, even if it is only three minutes. I might give it another episode or two to see if that really is all it is, but we’ll see.


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