First Impressions: Butlers x Battlers

I’ve had no anime to watch on Wednesdays for the past couple of seasons, and I’ve really, really liked that. Having a day where I know I’m going to have plenty of time to get through my YouTube subscriptions and play LoTRO with my sibling is really, really nice. So, if it seems like I’m going into Wednesday premiers wanting to hate them, it’s because I am.

Is that fair?


Do I care?


I keep accidentally typing the title as “Buttlers x Battlers”. I like that better. They should change it.

oh god is this incest? am i gonna be able to drop this?? i never thought i’d actually want that to be the case, but please o gods of anime mistakes, let this be incest so i don’t have to watch it

I misread the title in the OP as Buttlers. It’s fate. Change the title, please.

The main dude looks like the butler from Black Butler. There’s no way that’s a coincidence. Way to go, Buttlers x Batlers. That association really doesn’t improve my opinion of this, since I stopped watching Black Butler after reading somewhere or other that the incredibly creepy grown-ass adult demon/literal goddamn ten-year-old pairing ended up being canon (and if I was mistaken and it doesn’t, that doesn’t change the fact that a disturbingly high percentage of the fandom ships it and that’s gross. don’t @ me).

directed by jj abrams

Some stories use a fish-out-of-water character to introduce concepts and explain history the characters would normally already be expected to know to the audience. This story decided to go another route, and instead have Our Hero be a fukken dickhead moron. Points for originality, I guess, except that said Fukken Dickhead Moron is still just another character with a different eye color so that really only brings you back to zero.


Clearly, the character designer for the anime could only draw one (1) Boy Face and one (1) Girl Face, but boy howdy they weren’t gonna let that stop them. It’s kind of inspiring in a way. Follow your dreams, kids. Who needs skill when they aren’t trying, anyway.

I probably wouldn’t have liked this even if I didn’t go in to it wanting an excuse not to. Not only is it aggressively Not My Thing, the tone and pacing are all over the place, the art style is generic, the animation is only okay, and the main character is an ass. Even if this is your thing, you can do way better.



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