First Impressions: Last Period: the journey to the end of despair

Good morning! Before I ever knew this anime existed, I got to see a couple of people making menstruation jokes about it! So this oughta be fun.

last period2
aaaaaand i’m out

I know the poor Japanese writer who came up with that couldn’t have known that it would send English speakers into fits of immature giggling (and probably wouldn’t’ve cared even if they did), but if you’re going to use a word from a language you don’t speak, it might be a good idea look beyond it’s first dictionary entry, because now I am not going to be able to take even a single second of this premier seriously.

The fortress city is called Hopeless? Really?? Who would call their city that??? I mean, I know there’s a town somewhere in the US called Hell, but still. Is this supposed to be a comedy?

I told myself I wouldn’t laugh every time they say “period” but I caaaaaan’t. I’m sure eventually exposure will desensitize me. I just gotta keep watching.

But they’re called periods, man.

last period3

last period4
you did that on purpose

If you’re so anti-despair, why did you name your city Hopeless? You know they’re synonyms, right? The last thing we need is yet another city named Hope, but you could’ve named it literally anything else. I suggest Menstropolis.

last period5.png

last period6.png
i get it!

It’s to this premier’s credit that the series is a comedy on purpose, but I still spent more time laughing at it than with it. The art style is nice (if a bit generic) and the Digimon Spirals are cute, but the only thing that would really motivate me to stick around is the stoic bunny girl, and there’s a character in a much funnier and more engaging anime this season with the same personality type as her, so I’d rather watch that one. On the bright side, though, I did eventually get used to them being called periods. Pft.



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