Episode Review: Violet Evergarden Episode 1

It’s really nice seeing KyoAni branch out from their typical club anime stuff. I had to drop Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid because as much as I was otherwise enjoying it, I couldn’t get over the treatment of Shouta, and I haven’t been able to see A Silent Voice yet, but it’s really nice to see them putting their strengths to work on something with more meat to it.

I watched this episode dubbed because it was an option and I wanted to be able to take notes without pausing every 30 seconds, but it’s been so long since I watched an anime dub that it really, really weird hearing English. It is a good dub. Chris Patton is in it. I like Chris Patton. Fullmetal Panic! isn’t quite the same without him. But I’ve gotten disused to it lol.

As far as first episodes go, this was a good’n. I like the characters introduced so far, it’s a unique and interesting premise, and it looks very, very pretty. I suppose I could just go through and watch the whole thing, but I’m going to stick to one a week so I can do these episode reviews. So, till next week.


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