First Impressions: ISLAND

This anime has a lot of lens flare going on. Normally that’s annoying, but here its kind of pretty, and helps sell the idea that it’s hot out.


Also there’s a cat! Cats are good.

There are a lot of detailed and pretty background shots as well. It’s making it hard to type this while watching because I keep getting the sense that I should be paying attention to some of these visual details.

I’m enjoying the characters introduced so far. They’re simple, but likable. I can’t wait to see how many of them are secretly total monsters.

The soundtrack so far has been really simple. Like, “lazily strumming a ukelele” simple. It’s pleasant. This anime is pleasant. Which, considering this is a mystery anime involving time travel and an island of extremely insular villagers, makes it very likely that this is all set up for a horrible case of whiplash. Also I’m only ten minutes in.

Hello, insert song.

The main character’s a dumbass. I kind of, love him? Actually everyone in this show seems a bit stupid. It’s terrific.


This show is delightful.

All in all, ISLAND is doing a pretty good job maintaining a generally light tone while still building an air of mystery and slight menace. The characters are simple but enjoyable and the art is pretty. I’ll be sticking with this one. Also this is the opening shot, inexplicably.


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