First Impressions Review – How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

You know, as someone who’s played MMORPGs for several years, I’ve never understood this impression people seem to have that there’s some singular player reigning at the top of the community as “the best”, with gear and abilities other players can’t obtain for the simple reason that they are not “the best”. That’s just… not how these games work.


Like this. This is an item that would never, ever, ever exist, because there is to possible way to balance the ability to reflect all magic in an online player base where everyone needs to be on the same footing. And yet, you see this shit all the time in anime, because the people who make these series have never played an mmo in their lives and are only looking to cash in on the popularity of game-inspired fiction to live out their innane power fantasies, even though the idea of beIng able to go through an entire mmo on your own is utterly laughable and mechanically impossible. This is why I like series like Log Horizon and Overlord, which remain blatant power fantasies but nonetheless emphasize the importance of a community in online games – Log Horizon does this with a focus on Shirou’s guild and party, and Overlord does this with the backstory of Momonga’s guild and by scaling the average level of everyone in the world down so that a single max level player can still wipe the floor with entire armies. Overlord also makes a point of having characters that aren’t Momonga group up to do any sort of adventure shit.

I feel like I might be slightly off topic right now.

“How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu) is a new isekai anime about a shut-in nerd finding himself in the world of his favorite video game and becoming the new local demon lord. Because Overlord is so popular, you see.

How long has this MMO been running that the level cap is 150? WoW has been out for half of forever and its level cap is only like, 120. Or something. I don’t play WoW.

Oh and this is a harem anime, because of course it is.


Hm. I suppose that’s one way to provide pointless background knowledge without spending any great deal of time on it. Actually, I just read all of that while waiting for the video to buffer and the revelation that our Lord Protagonist just got gacha’d by some newb who probably can’t even use him is fucking hilarious. I also don’t understand how this summoning mechanic is supposed to work. Is summoner a class, or is this something anyone can do? Are summons supposed to be like NPC party members or are they more like combat pets? Hm.

I kind of like Takuma. He’s a giant nerd who has spent the past four and a half minutes eating shit. Highly relatable. He’s just digging himself deeper into a hole because the only way he knows how to interact with girls is through roleplay. My boy needs friends.

Oh, apparently his bullshit ring is the maguffin that wins him his harem by enslaving his summoners via reflection of their binding magic. Because obviously that’s a cool thing that isn’t awkward.

The moe elf’s bedonkeros got some real consistent animation that has both been free of sound effects and remarkably unexaggerated. Its weird. It feels weird.

Oh theres the boing! Maybe I’ll give the anime another chance though. Since it’s only the second I’ve reviewed this season.

Oh, summoner is a class. Kinda weird that they’d need to go out of their way to get their first skill.


Her makeup looks weird. It’s weird on her face.

6 boings in a row. I’m out. Bye, big tiddie moe elf.

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