First Impressions: Angels of Death

So this is an anime based on a Steam game with the most chuuniibyou-as-fuck title ever. Art style’s nice though.

fake moon.png

‘it’s like… animated or something’

I’d really like this to be a good horror anime, but there hasn’t been a good horror anime in the 5 years I’ve been keeping up with seasonal anime (Another was okay at first, until it got stupid. Ditto The Lost Village), so here’s hoping it’s at least half as baffingly stupid as King’s Game so I can get some fun out of it.

Maybe the featured image I used is actually fan art and not official art (and if so, mibad. Let me know and I’ll change it), but if not, then it’s weird how they decided to go with thin sketchy lines when the game seems to have thick, hard lines.

Well, hey, massive props right off the bat for not giving Our Heroine amnesia. I also like that it’s been 3 whole minutes and I still haven’t seen her underwear, bobbies, or in any sort of untoward situation (aside from being locked in a basement, but it’s a big basement and she doesn’t seem to be in any immediate danger). I think I’m going to hesitantly hope for this to turn out to be the sort that starts out okay and then gets stupid, but, again, I though the first episode of King’s Game was genuinely good, so my judgement in these matters is perhaps not the best.

A good chunk of the first half of the episode is a one man show, and Rachel’s voice actress, Haruka Chisuga, does such a good job carrying it that I went to the trouble of finding out her name so I could properly give props for the performance.

Man, that scene of the bad guy trying to kill Our Hero while she was hiding in the box would’ve been a lot more tense if I hadn’t had my 6-year-old cousin asking me loads of questions about who “the mummy man” was and why he was chasing her and what a scythe was and such.

Heehee Dr. Dick is a Dickens.

Well hot damn Dr Dick just kinda-sorta threatened to rape Our Hero, and instead of crawling up her supple young knees or whatever, the camera focused on showing him from an angle that made him look creepy and intimidating. Good show, Angels of Death. You have cleared that extremely low bar.

Oh thank God Dr Dick isn’t a pedophile he just wants to steal her eyes. Still not cool, of course, but this anime is confident enough in itself that it doesn’t feel the need to go there. That’s very encouraging.

That wasn’t too shabby. I’m not going to hold out hope it’ll stay good all the way to the end, but hopefully it’ll go off the rails in an entertaining way. I’ll be sticking with this.

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