First Impressions – Asobi Asobase

I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna be writing here. It’s a slice of life anime, and there’s only so many ways you can describe a show about cute girls doing cute things.

Oh my god, is this iyashikei too? The opening is giving that impression. Nice! I like iyashikei slice of life anime. It’s got soft lines and a soft color palette, it’s pleasant to look at.

Apparently it’s about a Boring Bitch who hates having fun because her sister would always make her do stuff when she lost at playing games. But then she meets two girls in her class who love to have fun! And her heart grew three sizes that day.


I like this girl.

I’m gonna start keeping a collection of Olivia’s expressions. Her name is Olivia by the way.

It seems I was mistaken. This show is actually about a horrible monster of a child bullying the local white girl into teaching her english.

I’m only ten minutes in but I’m going to call it here, if only so I stop pausing to take more pictures. I will absolutely be sticking with this one.

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