First Impressions Review – Planet With

Wow that first thirty seconds sure was A Lot. And here I was, planning to start this by beating the “why is it always an amnesiac high schooler” horse.


Look at this thing. Ain’t it neat? Do you think it was a pain in the ass to draw that? I bet it sure fucking was.


Hey, listen, I get that I’m only one minute and twenty seconds into the special priview (not even the first actual episode, the preview) for this anime but I think I might be a little bit in love with it already. Why does our main character live with a living fursuit that eats whole cabbages with its horrifying horse teeth? What the fuck? It kind of feels like every new shot with this anime is trying to outdo what came before in the “what the fuck is that” factor.

This poor boy just wants to eat some meat but he’s trapped with a horrible vegan fursuit and maid cosplayer.


Save him.

How has this anime managed to put more character into the first three minutes than Darling in the Franxx could give its cast in an entire cour? I also feel it’s worth mentioning that this is the second anime to release in the summer 2018 season with an amnesiac protagonist that I have both reviewed and enjoyed. That’s weird.

The main character is kind of a chill dude. Not in the “no personality” sense like Hiro, but in the “I am a legitimately kind of easygoing dude” sense. Also his name is Kuroi and he thinks math is nice because you don’t need memory to do it, which is, just, could you just kill me next time man? It would be kinder.

I love my dumbass son.


I feel like every aspect of this anime was specifically designed to delight me. It’s all so whimsical and kind of stupid, I love it. How is it managing to be kind of legitimately menacing at the same time? It’s weird. It’s weird and good.

There’s so much going on while they’re talking. I’m trying to type while I watch this, I can’t do that if you insist on doing things when I look away.


High school is a strange, transitional time in your life, filled with new, unfamiliar experiences. Vore is not typically one of them, but I’m glad to see Planet With is willing to provide representation for minorities.

Also, is our main character the bad guy? Is that what’s going on here? Is Kuroi going to murder this nice firefighter-turned-superhero for a beef bowl? Weird.

Anyway this anime is good, I’ll be sticking with it, tell all your friends about it. Planet With!! Yeah!!

Darling in the Franxx was bad!! Yeah!!

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