First Impressions – The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

So does anime in general just have a massive hard-on for Norse mythology, or just the aesthetic? Because they put it in fucking everything, to the point that it feels kind of shallow and generic every time. Of course, some series actually try to do interesting things with the concepts, but usually they just slap different names onto things to score cool points, and to be honest it’s a little disappointing. Norse mythology has a lot of neat and wacky shit that would fit right in in an anime, and I’m honestly disappointed that they never bother to try anything substantial.

Anyway, I’m guessing from the title that  Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria is gonna have something to do with Ragnarok and Valkyries, and I’m sure it won’t at all try to co-opt those in order to give the protagonist bullshit powers or a harem.

Opening on a naked lady singing in a lake while the main character googles roman military formations on his phone both succeeds and fails at subverting that facetious expectation. I guess it’s kind of cool that Our Hero would bother to look up military exercises instead of just relying on being OP. I guess.

The opening is one of those boring ones where it just shows off the cast while some generic jpop song plays in the background, and oh boy howdy there was not one unique character design in the bunch.

Hey, listen, I get that I’m only four minutes into this episode and it has yet to meet any of the instant drop conditions, but nothing that it’s shown me thus far has done anything to engender a sense that this series could be going somewhere particularly interesting. Am I allowed to just drop it here? No? Damn.

Why does this generic blonde lady keep calling the generic protagonist “big brother”? Isn’t she his primary love interest? Is this some gross ass fetish thing? It’s already established that he isn’t from this world. Is it because of his little 3 second exposition dump where he told us they just arbitrarily made him the leader of their clan despite him not even speaking the language? I hate this. I’m only five minutes in and everything they’ve given me has either been unbearably asinine or borderline rage inducing. I’m not watching this.

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