Gintama Reviews Episode 354: The Evildoers Who Do Good

In today’s episode, Gin-san and Kagura drain the pond.

cursed image

New cour means new OP and this one sure does exist. I don’t hate it, but I don’t particularly love it, either. It seems like the sort that tends to grow on me, but it’s equally likely I’ll end up skipping it more often than not. I’m sure you’re all dying to know which it ends up being, so I’ll keep you posted.

After the typically silly cold open and over-long (but still somewhat necessary since my memory is shit and I completely forgot what’s going on again) recap by Shinpachi, the main focus of the first half is the backstory of the Kiheitai, something I’m not sure was ever necessary but I suppose has always been inevitable. It’s about what I always figured: a bunch of disillusioned war vets and the families thereof lashing out at a world they feel abandoned and/or betrayed them. It’s nice to see but, again, doesn’t really add anything and feels more like obligatory padding.

how have i heard the word emo used twice in as many days in two very different contexts after years of not hearing it at all. is it 2008 again or something

The second half is more of what we got all last season: characters spouting off badass one-liners while fighting bad guys, as the Big Bad does a whole lot of nothing. It’s not bad and I don’t necessarily dislike it, but I really miss the episodic silliness.

Any ED would seem a bit underwhelming when compared to the last one, but this one isn’t too shabby. The scenes from way earlier in the series really isn’t helping with the whole ‘missing the episodic silliness’ thing, but they’re still nice to see.

The next episode looks to be Kamui’s turn to make his reappearance. Till next time.

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