First Impressions: Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

There really aren’t all that many period dramas in anime these days that don’t involve anime bullshit in some way, are there? The only recent ones that really come to mind are 91 Days and very arguably Golden Kamuy. That’s part of the reason I jumped at the chance to cover this one. Historical fiction with samurai? Yes please! (Not that I’d have to ask, seeing as I’m The Boss).

“you know, in hindsight, i probably should’ve seen this coming”

Before I could start this episode Dru had the absolute AUDACITY to spoil the fact that it’s got a filter over it that makes it look like it’s projected onto a scroll or something and I am INCENSED. I would’ve loved to see how long it took me to notice that. I bet I wouldn’t have at all, or would’ve just assumed my laptop was being janky.

This premier looks great. The animation is fluid, the fight choreography is solid, and the filter thing is pretty nifty. The color pallet is a bit dark and washed out, but it suits the tone and aesthetic of a gritty war story.

The premier also sounds great. The sound made when Our Hero cuts into the baddies is sharp and brutal, and the constant sound of the rain helps to build the miserable atmosphere while never overpowering the soundtrack.

And best of all? Our Hero isn’t a fucking teenager. He kind of looks like a fucking teenager with his general shortness and big eyes, but a bit of inelegant exposition makes it clear he’s a seasoned war vet who knows what he’s doing. And he looks like Yamcha, which is hilarious.

I’m all about this premier. It’s way better than I hoped it would be, and I’ll definitely be sticking with it to the end.

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