First Impressions: Late Night! The Genius Bakabon

Another season, another Showa throwback.

…yep, that’s about all I got for opening comments. Might as well just get to it.

i wish i was fukken dead nya no da

Right off the bat, this show is taking a page from the Osomatsu-san playbook by opening with the main cast discussing how they haven’t been on TV in awhile and wondering if they’re gonna be hip with the kids these days. They even name-dropped Osomatsu, but I saw a screencap of that before I watched this episode so I already knew it was going to happen, and had a rough impression of the tone going in.

The episode was (mostly) funny and packed with references that I mostly kinda got from watching Gintama, but it never got as off-the-wall bonkers as the first episode of Osomatsu-san. It was still entertaining (again, mostly), but with as much as it kept referencing Osomatsu-san, you’d think it’d at least try to be as batshit out of the gate, but doesn’t.

The only real issues were the weird bit where Bakabon’s Papa decides to becomes Bakabon’s Mama for no damn reason which maybe isn’t as bad as it could’ve been (the other characters mostly don’t question it) but also isn’t funny, and the bit with the policeman randomly shooting his gun, which is also suuuuuper not funny from the perspective of an American in 2018.

I have mixed feelings about this one. It’s got funny stuff in it, and I suppose it can work as a temporary replacement for Osomatsu-san if you’re really hurting for one and aren’t the kind of creepy degenerate who ships incest, but the episodes issues were pretty big issues, and if the think purple lines are really gonna be sticking around they might hurt my eyes. I’ll give it three episodes to see how things go.

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