First Impression: Lord of Vermillion: The Crimson King

Here begins a Stream of Consciousness Review of Episode One: Our Lives are the Debt We Pay Our Enemies

I wasn’t aware we owed our enemies a debt, but okay…

  • Pretentious Title does not speak well for my ability to follow the dialogue in whatever this turns out to be.
  • who is this awesome lady? x2 x3 x4
    • Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.55.44 AMhere’s one! she looks angry and also that shirt isn’t gonna protect jack shit but there all dressed like that so whatever!
  • the problem with starting an episode in the middle of a fight is I don’t know who I’m supposed to be rooting for and also I don’t care
  • mildly generic art style
  • animation kinda nice
  • good music
  • it looked like that dude just caught that arrow with his eyelids
  • Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.59.47 AMright? also owie
  • the overly dramatic dialogue makes me think we watching the end of something. I sense a time jump approaching
  • there it is
  • that was a really weird reaction to accidentally cutting himself
    • I smell Issues
  • nice variety in the genero-faces, now I have time to actually look at them
  • boy reads Macbeth on the train. is he an English major?
  • Me thinks the writer has a thing for Shakespeare
  • Lady: recites Tempest Chihiro: I must be dreaming
    • I don’t understand the leap in logic there, but ok
  • Goddamn this is pretentious
  • I know boku is a pronoun for young boys, but I don’t know enough about Japanese culture to understand the implications of a college-aged man in college using it. Is he just being polite?
  • English Major! called it!
  • If everyone was unconscious for a week shouldn’t they be dead from dehydration at the very least?
  • how long has he been standing there like that? that’s kinda…
  • BIRDS!Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 12.28.17 PM.png
    • pretty!
  • aww… birds are gone
  • he’s been in a coma for 5 months (? i think that’s what they said) he should not be able to walk without assistance, right?
  • oh good, they explain… sort of…
  • Asshole Journalist Alert
  • how is it this douche’s job to stalk and harass a child? (I’m assuming, since he’s been doing it for 13 years apparently, and Chihiro can’t be more that early 20s)
  • the red mist has been there the whole time, I refuse to believe he’s just noticing it now
  • this dude seems like an asshole
  • ow

So this seems like it could be interesting, once they get the ball rolling, but there’s way too much going on, the dialogue is mildly pretentious (at least to me), and the art looks way too similar to ever other anime of this type to really stand out, though the subtle changes between facial structure does help. Not really for me, but if you’re looking for a magic/demon/whatever type anime to spend some time on this summer, you probably wouldn’t go wrong with this one. Especially because there are apparently several badass ladies involved! And we got to seem them in the first episode even! (Though granted, it was only for a few moments, and I’ve already forgotten their names). 4.2/5

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 12.28.05 PM

Look at this sunshine cinnamon roll boy. I bet he’s gonna die horribly.



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