First Impressions: Chio’s School Road

Here Follows a Stream of Consciousness Review of Episode One:

  • Nudity and Boob jiggle in opening credits does not give me high expectations for this show
  • animation looks smooth and the art style is interesting
  • this camera angle is kinda…
  • at least the main character seems mildly self aware and reasonable
    • nevermind, she’s an idiot
  • this girl is really friggin dumb
  • isn’t she gonna be late for school?
  • goddamn unnecessary boob jiggle
  • this dude’s an asshole
    • of course he’s rich
  • karmic justice!
  • ok her boobs just jiggled for no fucking reason I’m out

I like the art style and I think I could have liked the main character but the creators couldn’t even be bothered to make the boob jiggles make sense which makes it lazy as well as insulting and fucking sexist, and I will not be continuing with this show, I do apologize. In recompense, here is every animal I saw:

Have a lovely day. 2/5, dropped for the crime of Boob Jiggle

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