First Impressions: Holmes of Kyoto

Lemme guess: Sherlock Holmes is involved in this somehow. Isn’t he?

Here Follows a Stream of Consciousness Review of Episode One: Holmes and Zen Master Hazuin

  • Generic Handsome Dude is mildly creepy when he smiles
  • pretty background. boring character design
  • is this girl seriously getting nostalgic for something that happened TWO WEEKS AGO
  • Girl: This bowl Ugly Dude: it’s supposed to be charming
  • so dude’s name isn’t Holmes? Why’s he called Holmes then? does he moonlight as a detective?
  • looks like they just run an antique shop
  • this is kinda boring so far
  • Suspicious Customer is Obviously Suspicious
  • Things are heating up in the Antiques World
  • “got my goat”? what are you 50?
  • carrying on the Holmes tradition of jumping to conclusions based on limited information I see
  • she’s in high school, please don’t hit on her
  • you call him Holmes because he’s rude and scares teenaged girls? ok…
  • oh. so it’s just a play on how he spells his name. how boring. like the rest of this show so far.
  • Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.43.19 PMthat’s an… interesting face you’re making
  • yep. definitely creepy
  • so… bored…
  • Ok, I’m halfway through this bullshit and I am out of my mind bored. I do not care about the characters. I do not care about the plot. The art style is boring. The sound design is boring.. so unless someone turns out to be a notorious thief or a vampire or something in the next five minutes I’m out
  • she wants to leave… because of a boy?
  • Ok, this is stupid I’m done
  • Teenager: This boy broke up with me to date my friend and I hate them! Dude: Look at this pretty picture. Teenager: Oooh pretty

Ok, I tried with this one, I did, but it’s just. so. boring. The art style is pretty, I guess, but the character design is boring, the music is boring, the premise is boring, and the writers have Ideas about how Teenaged Girls act which are both insulting and stupid, so I’m done. Seriously? I get she’s sad her ex was a jerk, but why the hell she gonna steal her dead grandpa’s shit and run away just for that? Anyway. I tried. It’s not for me. You wanna try, I won’t stop you, but I recommend not. 2.5 for Bore Fest Extreme

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