First Impressions: Phantom in the Twilight

please be monsters please be monsters please be monsters

Here Follows a Stream of Consciousness Review of Episode One: Those Who Live in the Twilight

  • The main characters all have the same face
  • I’m calling it now, Vlad is a vampire and Red Hair Stripe is a … werewolf?
  • Vlad is rude. He’s a rude vampire
  • does black haired side braid man have eyes? is he a demon? please be a demon
  • So they’re in China?
  • Main Character Generi-Girl has a Snow White mirror phoneScreen Shot 2018-07-15 at 4.03.30 PM
    • her personality trait is Nice Girl
  • Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 3.20.50 PMNo, you’re awesome! No, you’re awesome! I appreciate you more! No, I appreciate you more!
  • I like MCGG’s friend more that her. No the best when talking about a main character
  • Invisible rat monster! nice!
  • Ton should probably listen to Generi-Girl
    • but then again, how would plot happen? we can’t have characters be sensible!
  • Monocle Man is a creepy thief
  • Is Ton a witch? she can do (at least) one spell
  • So Ton’s the Main Character? Oh good. This is also why you should not give everyone the same face. It’s confusing
  • Good Red Stripe! Chop the inappropriate rude vampire man!
  • is this a harem anime? Dammit I just was a chill monster café without any awkward forced romance is that too much to ask?
  • Great Grandma was a badass
  • Red Stripe is my favorite. He seems fun and he has a brain
  • Ah. So they’re from China. I see
  • Ton is dumb. Why must Ton by dumb. I like Ton
  • Monocle Man is a creepy thief and a manipulative liar. I don’t like Monocle Man
  • So… not a rat monster.
  • So they’re… baby goblins?
  • Yes! Red Stripe is a werewolf!
    • kinda disappointed he didn’t shift more. was it really necessary to keep the pretty while he’s busy being a monster. was it really
  • Always nice to see a monster/demon whose super power is Gun
  • Vlad’s a dick. Please don’t make him the Love Interest
  • I like Red Stripe and Gun Man No Eyes, Vlad’s a dick, and Ton’s cool

I enjoyed this one. The art’s got some issues and the animation is a little boring, but the premise is interesting and I like (most of) the characters. This is definitely something I could see myself watching again. 4.75/5 for Monster whose power is Gun

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 3.39.15 PMfinally, a sensible weapon for fighting demons

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 4.05.50 PM you, sir, are a Dick


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