First Impressions: The Journey Home

Here follows a Stream of Consciousness Review of The Journey Home, Episode One:

  • cute 3d art style makes the characters look squishy
  • are they aliens or bugs? or alien bugs?
    • bugs. sentient space-dwelling bugs
  • very obviously For Kids, but, like, big kids
  • so… much…talking
  • Character A teaches Character B about B’s species cliché
  • in depth discussion of species of insect actually mildly interesting but also feels out of place
  • don’t crickets have wings?
    • wiki says some do, but many don’t, so I’ll let it go for now
  • Fat character is used for comedic relief cliché
  • trap door spiders are predatory and they eat insect, they don’t eat fruit
    • also I very much appreciate that the spider doesn’t look very much like a spider because spiders scare me but that’s a thing some people might find distracting so there you go
  • “space rice” “space food” “space farm” I think they might be in space, what do you think?
  • bug from Africa speaks fluent Japanese
  • super intelligent robot does not realize they’re talking to bugs until bug informs them (unintentionally) that they are, in fact, bugs
    • robot does appear to be malfunctioning, however, so I suppose it’s understandable
  • bug kicking keypad that obviously requires a specific code works
  • Frogs are the bad guys. of course
    • also trap door spiders also eat frogs, so…
  • No female characters in first episode, though credits show at least one exists eventually

All in all, this is an occasionally amusing show For Kids that I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to watch, but I wouldn’t change the channel if it was on. There are mild inaccuracies that might distract the hardcore Bug/Spider Lovers of the world, but it’s easy enough to ignore, what with how the bugs are in space. I like the art style, and the sound design isn’t bad, but the characters Never Stop Talking and it relies too much on making fun of the fat character for it’s humor for my taste.

An ultimately harmless and mildly enjoyable show. 3.6/5

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.38.48 AMSpace Cricket Judges YouScreen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.48.36 AMCutest Spider Ever

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.49.38 AMShows up Fifteen Minutes Late with Starbucks Wings

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