Gintama Reviews Episode 356: Making a Dull World Interesting

Hey, hey, it’s Monday, the new day for me to remember and subsequently forget that I still haven’t finished copying all the old Gintama Reviews over from tumblr!

In today’s episode, the Final Boss actually does something!

oh yeah that’s his name, innit. for some reason i was thinking it was ukyo lol

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I have no idea what the Big Bad is doing or why. I can’t even ever remember his name, even though I know I definitely typed it last week, and I got a screenshot of Gin-san saying it this week. It don’t know if it’s an issue with the writing or my own memory, but nothing he does really leaves any sort of impression.

I mean, I remember his stint as Shoyo and how that ended well enough, but anything else is just a complete blank. He may as well be a newly introduced character every time he shows up for all the impact he has on me as an audience member.

I also don’t remember if I said this at the beginning of the season, but while I can’t say much for the visuals (they sure are there), I really like the song for the OP. I may or may not track the full version eventually.

That’s a real shame about Bansai and Takechi. I liked Bansai. He had a cool design. And Takechi sure did have a bit. At least they got appropriately badass exits, though.

Next episode it’s Tatsuma’s turn to do something or other. Till next time.



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