Gintama Reviews Episode Episode 362 – Sign

THE STORY THUS FAR: ace got into a car accident. his truck was totaled, but he managed to walk away without any serious injuries, mostly sleep off his cuts and bruises, and even go to work the next day (though he did go home early because it turns out the sort of people who work at hospitals tend to be the sort of people who will put up will only so much pertinacity) because he’s apparently a shonen protagonist. oh, and sephiroth utsuro jumped into the lifestream an altana geyser right before meteor hit the big ship crashed, followed by a two year time skip that ace totally would’ve pretended to be surprised by if he’d been awake and mobile enough to write a review last week

baby tama.png
you’re not weird, baby tama, you’re perfect

In today’s episode, Shinpachi does his best Gin-san impression, which turns out not to be nearly as good as Kagura’s Gin-san impression because it is his lot in life to fail only slightly less often than Hasegawa.

God, I missed these kinds of episodes. Serious episodes are cool and all, and last week’s was freaking phenomenal and I’m sorry I missed out on giving it it’s own post, but this episode was a breath of fresh air after so much heavy stuff.

I never thought that Otae and Kondo would ever end up together, but watching them pretend was still really cringy and I hated that bit, but everything else was pretty great. I have no idea how Tama and Kintoki aren’t broken and I’m a bit disappointed (though not surprised) at their miraculous survival, but Tamako is the cutest damn thing ever and I want eight of her. I’m especially all for Soyo’s new Feminist Agenda (and hair ribbon), and still rooting for that spin-off.

I can’t wait to see what shenanigans some of the others have gotten into, particularly Kyubei and Hijikata (who didn’t have a single line in either of the past two episodes, thank you very much), and I couldn’t help but notice that the ED now features a Kagura with, like, boobs n junk.

Next episode has Hijikata in it, and he talks. Oh, happy week! Till next time.

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