Gintama Reviews Episode 363 – Specter

How’s in goin’, nerds, I finally got around to looking up the full version of the song from the opening. I like it a lot. It’s a good song. Y’all should buy it so the band can continue to make other good songs that people like.

Though now that I’m thinking of it, how do anime productions decide what songs to use for the OP? Extremely rare outliers like the Mob Psycho 100 opening which are very obviously commissioned specifically for the anime notwithstanding, the vast majority of anime OPs are pretty generic J-Rock or J-Pop songs that don’t really have all that much to do with the anime. They could all be pretty much swapped out with the OPs of other similar anime and no one would notice the difference. So do record companies, like, give the studio a selection of songs from a band they want to promote, and then the director picks one they feel suits the theme or tone the best so the staff can animate something to go with it? Or do the anime studios storyboard out a few hero shots they want to use in the OP, and then the record studio supplies them some to pick from that’ll fit what they’re going for? Or does it work some third way? I’m really curious.

Anyway, in today’s episode, Ace continues to not comment on whatever the fuck Zura is up to.

i wish

i wish2
god i wish that were reality

More catch-up this episode. The most interesting revelation plot-wise is Takasugi’s new healing factor, though whether it happened as a result of whatever treatment he got to not die after his fight with the bad guy whose name I’ve already forgotten, or if he was Naughty has yet to be seen. My money’s on the former, mainly because intentionally making himself immortal doesn’t seem like something he’d do, but I guess we’ll find out.

Zaki becoming Robocop and Kagura’s banana daughter were both hilarious, but naturally my favorite is Hijikata, who hasn’t changed at all. He also seems to have fallen off the tobacco wagon, but that’s not surprising. Quitting smoking is hard.

Speaking of Hijikata, did y’all know my birthday is this week? I want a Hijikata dakimakura, though any other Hijikata merch you wanna get me in exchange for providing you with such a consistent service would be welcome, too. Or you could just buy me a coffee. Really, it’s probably better to just do that. I’m a grown-ass man. I can buy my own damn toys.

Next week Gin-san’s gonna have a chat with Takasugi’s buddies. Till next time.

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