Gintama Reviews Episode 364 – Two in Girl Years Is Equal to Ten in Man Years

Hi I just got a new car it’s all very exciting but who cares it’s GINTAMA TIME!

In today’s episode, Gin-san and Shinsuke put Kagura and Kamui through their paces in the “Best Depiction of A Sibling Relationship in An Anime” category.

i’ve heard he’s got like 60

Of all the revelations in this episode, the most shocking one has to be The Reveal that Takechi can make other facial expressions.

I’m really not sure what else to talk about. I already knew about the Kagura thing thanks to my sister, but I had a Proud Dad moment at seeing my little girl all grown up. It seems like just last episode she was a tiny toddler, and now she’s 16. It’s enough to bring a single, manly tear to my eye.

Gin-san and Shinsuke’s shenanigans are definitely the best part of the episode, though. Especially those two shots where Gin-san is randomly riding Shinsuke like a horse. Both times got a laugh out of me. I would’ve used one of them for the episode screenshot, if I could’ve thought of anything I could say that would do anything other than distract from the hilarity of the image.

Next episode, we find out what’s up with the creepy heart thing. Till next time.

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