Gintama Reviews Episode 365 – Salvation

If you’ve ever wanted to be like the Kool Cids on Tumblr and really, truly understand what it’s like to just wanna fukken die, Grampa Ace is here with a three day course on how to do just that!

Start by going to work and putting in a full 8-hour shift. Then go home, don’t sleep because you think you don’t have to work until 11 the next day, get called in to cover for a sick coworker, and go put in another 6 hours of work.

After that, go back to work the next day (don’t worry, you can have 12 hours between leaving work and having to go back, so feel free to get as much sleep as you can manage) and work for another 12 hours.

After that, go home and sleep for 6 hours, then go do errands in area you hate driving in with someone you don’t much like.

Go home, eat dinner, have that person make you drive all the way back to where they’re at so you can drop off some meatballs, then go home, start to watch The Room, go to sleep about an hour in because you’re exhausted, then wake up  12 hours later and discover you can’t finish it because that dastardly villain Tommy Wiseau took it down again.

Congratulations! You now want to fuckken die. Enjoy your newfound ability to find morbid jokes on the internet funny and relatable.

At least we’ll always have Gintama, which is never going to actually end until Sorachi retires, and I’m a bit embarrassed I even briefly entertained the notion that it would. Curse you, Sorachi, you troll. I love you and want to be your friend. Call me.

Anyway, in today’s episode, the Hero of this cartoon for eight-year-olds attempts to murder an infant.

our hero
gintama is a comedy anime!

This episode is mostly a catch-up of what Shoyo’s students have been up to the past two years: Gin-san was Lone Wolf & Cubbing it up with baby Shoyotsuro, Shinsuke became a zambo in a moment of desperation, and Zuracchi got to actually be a competent and effective leader (off-screen, of course). It was a lot of information that could’ve easily felt crammed into one episode when it should’ve been two or three, but the same could be said of many episodes throughout this arc and yet the pacing has for the most part remained consistently excellent (though since the time skip it’s been pretty easy to tell where one chapter of the manga ended and the next began).

I kept expecting throughout their conversation for Shinsuke to turn the tables suddenly and betray Gin-san, thereby setting up a final boss that’s basically Utsuro’s heart in Takasugi’s body, but that didn’t happen. Not sure if it would’ve worked if it had, but Takasugi being more or less an unambiguous Good Guy after having been set up as a huge threat for so much of the series run is super weird and I still can’t completely buy it.

Even so, this was a good episode. I would’ve like to see more of Gin-san and baby Shoyo, but that’s mostly just cause that bit was cute.

Next episode, dun dun. Till next time.

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