First Impressions: ZOMBIE LAND SAGA

In a slight change from this blog’s usual MO, I actually know a little bit about this premier going into it!

It’s an original anime about zombies.

Hey, it’s still more than I usually know ahead of time.

Of all the things I expected this anime to be, a death metal idol anime was not one of them. I absolutely adored it.

A truck coming out of nowhere and slamming into a character is one of those things in animation that will never not be funny and pretty much sold me on this series right away. The zombie dog didn’t hurt things, either.

This episode was hilarious. The truck was the funniest bit, but that’s at least partly due to the fact that it interrupted what was otherwise a bog-standard idol anime opening. Every single joke in this premier landed and landed hard. The zombie girls, Mamoru Miyano (whose character wasn’t properly introduced, so I’m going to assume is just playing himself), Our Hero’s bafflement, and the climactic concert were all hilarious. Here’s hoping the series can keep it up throughout it’s entire run. Either way, I’ll almost certainly be sticking with it.

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