First Impressions: Hinomaru Sumo

So, just based on the title card, this is a sports anime about sumo wrestling, with only one character that has the traditional sumo body. This should be… interesting.

 So, I gotta be honest. I did not like this show much. The animation was decent and all, but everything about it just screamed Generic Sports Anime to me. The characters come off as stereotypes, the story seems like something I’ve seen before, and while the sumo thing could have been interesting, it’s really… not.

Basic premise: Obnoxious Idiot Sumo Nut gets lost and goes to the wrong school to check out their Sumo Club. There he meets Cowardly Fat Sumo Nut and the two Bond through Manly Combat and Love of The Game. Idiot then stumbles upon a Group of Delinquents squatting in the school’s dojo (I can already tell Responsible Adults will not be a thing in this anime) and picks a fight. Blah Blah Blah, Idiot wins, and everyone has learned a Heartwarming Lesson to Appreciate Sumo. There’s also a cat, but they don’t have a name, or do anything but have a Nice Nap, so this redeems nothing.

While this in and of itself would not have made me dislike the show – I probably would have ended it with a feeling of meh if this were all of it – the introduction to our Intrepid Idiot kinda blew the whole thing for me. He stops a molester on the train. Not so bad you say? Maybe not, but the scenario’s played off as a joke (Idiot is wearing a mawashi belt instead of pants and gets yelled at), and we never once, throughout the episode, hear from the girl who was assaulted. While the opening credits do imply we’ll see her again, the fact that she wasn’t allowed a voice during or after her assault is just… Not Good.

I won’t be watching this again. You probably shouldn’t either.

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