First Impressions: Tonari no Kyuketsuki-san

I like vampires. They’re usually a good time, and nocturnal monsters are always a delight. They’re also good fodder for comedy due to their absolute cavalcade of drawbacks, which is probably why this season is giving us a cute slice of life anime about one.

Nosferatu is a top tier waifu, by the eyes. While we’re on the subject.

Remember when vampires turned into giant bats, instead of just having cute little wings? I miss that. That was a good thing that existed. I am glad that this anime is keeping the age-old tradition of all vampires being gay, though. Although, on the other hand, I can’t help but be slightly put off that the immortal vampire is the romantic interest of a middle schooler. I get that they are at similar points in physical maturity, but the vampire here is still a… How old is Sophie? Usually the vampires in these things are a century old at least, right? Hm.


I like that the protag makes a point of asking her parents before shacking up with a vampire. Her parents are very easy going, and possibly stupid. As is she.

Overall this is a cute show. The production values are decent even if nothing stands out, and it scores big points for being like, legit gay.


I’ll probably be sticking with this one, unless I forget.

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