First Impressions: UzaMeido!

I’ve already seen a few gifs of this one floating around on tumblr, which leads me to believe this series is going to be the Anime of Choice for internet funnymen and hentai-addicted weeaboos for the season. The last two series I can recall getting this treatment off the top of my head were both grossly pedophilic, which is… disheartening going into my first impressions review, but I am a Professional, and will forge ahead regardless.

This series seems to focus on a former fighter pilot, but so far at the 5 minute mark the only things we’ve learned of our protagonist is that she’s kind of weird and creepy. Her first spoken line in this episode is “Is there a job where I get to have a tiny, young, white girl wear a bunch of clothes that I made?” and the scene which immediately follows is of her apparently shadowing a house where she once saw a little Russian girl in the yard. Which is creepy! She’s creepy. And then she becomes a maid for that little girl’s family. Which is creepy. This woman is creepy.

There is some nice animation of the little Russian girl running through the house in a panic to tell her father about the creepy woman climbing a telephone pole to peek through her window, though. I’ll at least give credit that the show has some decent animation.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna watch this one. It hasn’t technically hit any of the instant drop conditions, but this entire premise is setting off serious warning flags. The series spends the first ten minutes establishing that the main character, a fully grown adult woman, is both uncomfortably obsessed with little girls but can also easily overpower the primary little girl in the series. I’m not willing to sit through something which bases itself around something so flagrantly disturbing.

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