First Impressions: SSSS.GRIDMAN

It’s a Trigger anime! A real Trigger anime, not a Trigger anime like the last Trigger anime that wasn’t actually a Trigger anime, it was just animated by Trigger. It’s also a mecha anime, which is always fun!

This particular Trigger mecha anime is about an amnesiac teenager with a bizarre psychic link to a mysterious AI named Gridman who fights kaiju which appear after being constructed as clay models at some guy’s desk, by fusing with Gridman via Tron-ing into a decades old IBM computer. This is a fun anime.

As expected of a Trigger show, the production values and character writing are all fantastic, even if the CG on the kaiju and giant Gridman mecha don’t always blend seamlessly into their surroundings. I will absolutely be sticking with this one, and recommend it to anyone else who likes mecha anime or Trigger shows.

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