Gintama Reviews Episode 367 – There Are Lines Even Villains Can’t Cross

Hey hey hey. Y’all enjoying premier season? Found anything you like? I found a bunch. In fact, yesterday was so stuffed with new (and some not-so-new. Watch Thunderbolt Fantasy. The puppets are delightful) stuff to watch that I didn’t have the time or energy to review Gintama. Working graveyard all weekend didn’t help much, either.

Ah, well. In today’s episode, Gin-san is tortured for accidentally stealing Kyubae’s underwear.

our hero2
‘y’know. Our Hero’

The first half of this episode largely consisted of Gin-san (still disguised as Takasugi) getting tortured by the ladies (and Kyubei) and then starting to reunite with Shinpachi, but that doesn’t matter cause then they abruptly shift gears and launch into a trial clumsily explaining why the series isn’t over yet and the issues the anime staff have had to deal with because of it.

The trial was pretty damn funny, but I do not believe for an instant that there’s really never going to be any more Gintama anime. It makes Sunrise and BNP too much money. More likely they’re going to give the manga some time to pull ahead again before starting on the next bit.

Of course, I could just be fooling myself, but I doubt it. I guess we’ll find out in The Future. Or not.

In the next episode, who knows, because it’s seemingly up in the air whether there will be a next episode. In the meantime, I’ll try and get my technically difficulties sorted out so I can get my Patreon up and running so I can put reviewing the movies up there as a tier goal. The race is on to see which happens first. Till next time.

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