First Impressions: My Sister, My Writer

While my dear younger siblings fight over who gets stuck reviewing Conception (since I’m familiar with the source material so I don’t gotta do it), looks like I’m going to have to cover Yet Another Siscon Anime. Oh joy. Here’s hoping they getting to a point where I can drop it quickly so I only have to shower for 3 hours instead of 4.

Here is your obligatory Eromanga Sensei reference.

our hero2
this face right here? that’s the one i’m making

You know when you have an anime about a writer or manga-ka or whatever and they have segments showing whatever they’re working on, and it’s almost always something extremely boring and generic? Well, this anime is exactly like one of those fake anime. I expected much worse from a series by the same director as My Girlfriend is a Gal, and I’m a little disappointed. Not that that series was any good (I dropped it pretty much immediately and was glad to do so), but being horrified and disgusted is at least more entertaining than being bored out of my skull.

I made it about 15 minutes through this episode before I couldn’t take any more. Naturally, I won’t be watching the second. Even if you’re in to this sort of thing, you can probably do way better. I recommend A Sister is All You Need, since it’s an anime based on a light novel about a light novelist that’s actually, y’know, good. If you need one that actually has incest in it, try Saint Young Men. It has nothing to do with sisters or light novelists, but perhaps it’ll help you find Jesus.


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