First Impressions: As Miss Beelzebub Likes It.

Y’all remember Gabriel Dropout, the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show about angels and demons from last year? Man, that was a good show.

how convenient for the tv ratings people that this woman’s nipples are small enough to be covered by a single strand of hair

I’m not entirely sure who this anime is supposed to be for. The fanservice suggests creepy otakus, but the color pallet and cheery narrator are better suited to a children’s anime. There’s nothing in this episode that would be ill-suited to a show for little kid’s either, except for all the nekkid.

The central romance is cute if you’re into that, but if you’re looking for straight romance, you’d do way better with Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Sempai, which not only has a color palate way easier on the eyes, but features a main couple with legitimate chemistry based on actual characterization and similar interests and personalities rather than tropes. Not that tropey romances are necessarily a bad thing, but I generally stick to one romance anime a season, and this is not going to my one for fall.

If this is your thing, you could probably do a lot worse, but you could also do a lot better. It won’t hurt to check it out, but you won’t be missing out if you choose to skip it, either.

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