First Impressions

I’m sick! Let’s watch some anime~

Quick Author’s Note: There were a couple premieres today, so I’m going to bundle them into one review, and if you don’t like it you can write me a gently worded comment below. I have neither the time nor attention span for separate reviews today. Thank you for your understanding. Also, this all comes from the perspective of someone who used to watch anime but doesn’t much anymore. Please bear that in mind. Also also, I love you. – EC

The Price of Smiles

I just tripped in front of thousands of my subjects, really, I’m fine

The show revolves around a 12 year old Princess, Yuki, as she takes on the responsibilities as heir to the throne and current de facto ruler of a futuristic planet-wide(?) nation that uses giant mecha to… fight? I think? It’s unclear at present. She’s a nice kid, kind and smart, and a bit of a brat on occasion – which is what you might expect from an actual twelve year old, and is, unfortunately, fairly refreshing in an anime. The plot itself is fairly talk/politics heavy so far, but the animation is nice, and I liked her relationship with Joshua, though I sense a crush on her part that I’m not sure how to feel about, given they’re meant to have a pseudo-brother/sister relationship. I liked the music and the princess’s outfit designs were cute. And the mechs were cool, here’s hoping there’re more of them in future episodes. You should check it out, if you’re interested in politics, cute princess outfits and cool mech battles. And of course, based on the title, I don’t expect this show to end in tears at all.

On to the second!

Anime 2: Boogiepop and Others

Apparently, this one is based on a manga series. I’ve never read it, so I can’t speak to it’s faithfulness as an adaptation.

I think Arukenimon might be missing a hat. Just saying. 

This show is… weird. It’s seems to be a bit of a murder mystery with some horror monster spice. Or, at least, the eponymous ‘Boogiepop’ says there are monsters. But we never see the monsters, we only get quick flashes of what may or may not be the murder victims, and the mystery seems to take place only in the background, and is never solved for the audience, whatever she of the ridiculous name says. This is just the first episode, however, so maybe all of that is revealed later on. Also, everyone in this show is kind of an asshole. Yeah, they’re mostly all teenagers, but even the one that claims to be an ageless being, which may or may not be a monster, is an asshole. A smug one. I don’t think this is something I’d be interested in watching again, though it is at least made well, with the exception of the plot and the pacing, which seems to jump forward a lot. Check it out for yourself, if you want, but this has been more than enough for me.

And that’s a wrap folks! Nothing too horrible (yet), but nothing that really stands out for me. Let me know what you think! And have a lovely day~

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