First Impressions: Rinshi! Ekoda-chan

You ever watch a show that 1/4 of the way through turned into another kind of show? Disconcerting, right?


Rinshi! Ekoda-chan is based on a 4-koma manga that follows the life of the author living and working in Tokyo. It, apparently, has a decently sized fanbase in Japan.

The actual anime part of this anime lasted all of maybe ten minutes, which is plenty of time, for the style it’s using. The art style is different, in a good way. The main character seems interesting, even if she does spend a great deal of time naked ‘to save on laundry,’ which, you know. You do you, and is actually fairly faithful to the manga, as far as I can tell. The sound production’s not bad. The pacing’s slightly abrupt, which lends the anime the feeling of reading a 4-koma.

And then it abruptly turns into a 15 minute documentary about making said anime and I am. Confused. That seems like a strange decision, personally speaking. Interesting, and intriguing, especially you’re interested in learning how anime production works in Japan, but still slightly weird.

Which actually kind of works, considering the anime itself is slightly weird.

Also, it seems the anime’s going to have a different director for each episode, so if the style of this episode isn’t your thing, there’s always the next one.

All in all, I’d say this is one you should check out, if only because it’s seems the type of thing for which you should really form your own opinion.

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