First Impressions: Girly Air Force

Based on the title, I am going to assume this is about women who are pilots and kick butt and also possibly dress cute.

Dog sighted!

It is not. I mean, there are women-shaped pilots. And they do kick butt. But apparently they’re not women? They’re… robots, I think? And instead of focusing on them the show focuses on some random guy?

Ok, let me start over. Girly Air Force follows a young man, Narutani Kei, living with his childhood friend in Japan after they’ve fled China, which has been invaded(?It’s unclear at this point) by these super-advanced aircraft called Xi. The Xi are also attacking Japan, and Kei wants to join the air force to fight back, after being saved by a highly experimental aircraft. It seems this super-jet is the first thing to ever successfully shoot down a Xi, giving Kei hope that he can avenge his mom.

This super-jet, called a Daughter, is piloted by a woman-shaped pilot called an ‘Anima.’ Who kisses him, for some reason? Literally the moment they meet. As it turns out, the super-jet is unstable, and the young man somehow the only one who can stabilize it, so the folks in charge of the project want his help.

Because that’s a show I want to watch, “Unstable girl-shaped object needs a man to fix her.”

Look, maybe the show isn’t as sexist as it seems. They do seem to be taking their premise seriously, at least, the war storyline does seem interesting, and there’s a chance they’ll do a good job and treat their subject matter with sensitivity and respect. On the surface, though, they really, really don’t, and I don’t think I’ll be watching this again.

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