First Impressions: My Roommate is a Cat

Cats are inspiring. Spoilers are evil. Being alone is great.

If you have ever had any of these thoughts, have I got the anime protagonist for you!

Mikazuki Subaru is an ‘eccentric’ author who loves being alone and hates spoilers. He hates them so much. Like, seriously though. He’s currently trying to come up with a plot for his next book when he meets a cat while visiting his parents’ grave.


Like any sane and reasonable individual, he is immediately inspired and brings said cat home, for continued inspiration. And the cat stays because he is a useless human who keeps forgetting to eat and she is best cat.

My Roommate is a Cat is a fairly relaxed anime with interesting characters, good art, and cats! Cats everywhere! And a big, boofy dog living next door to Subaru. I advise you to watch it, if you’re looking for a more laidback viewing experience, or you like cats, or you relate to any of Subaru’s three driving motivations, as listed above.

Seriously, though. Go watch it. It’s fun.

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