First Impressions: Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Were you the kid in school who threw up whilst trying to introduce yourself and had a mild panic attack at the thought of talking to your classmates? Yes? Then have I got the show for us! I mean you!

I feel you, buddy.

Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is a slice of life anime based on a manga of the same. It follows the attempts of Hitori Bocchi, the shyest kid in her class, as she attempts to Fulfill a Promise™ to her childhood friend, Kai. Kai, after announcing that she was going to a different middle school than Hitori, and likely familiar with Hatori-chan’s social reluctance, challenged Hatori-chan to befriend every kid in her class, lest Kai-chan could no longer be friends with her. One can only hope that Kai-chan was exaggerating in order to motivate her friend, and is not actually that cruel, but regardless, Hitori took her at her word and thus the impetus for Anime Shenanigans.

While I’ve never read the manga, and cannot speak to the anime’s faithfulness to its source material, I can attest that the show is very cute. Though painfully shy, Hitori is relatable, delightfully determined, and has a wonderful flare for the dramatic. Her first target, Nako, though understandably bewildered by Hitori’s antics, is equally charming, and provides a good starting point for Hitori, as she’s both kind and open enough to being friends, that she’s not put off by Hitori’s oftentimes bumbling efforts.

While I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen and/or read similar plotlines before (awkward shy student tries to make friends with a cast of increasingly Unique™ classmates), it’s different enough that I never feel I’m watching the same show all over again. The art style, while not particularly original, is still nice, and the music is sweet, and suits the show’s style and tone.

This is absolutely something I’d watch again, and I recommend you give it a try yourself.

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