First Impressions: Over Drive Girl 1/6 – Amazing Stranger

Please don’t be gross. Please don’t be gross. Please don’t be gross.

…and I am going to burn in Hell!


Over Drive Girl 1/6 – Amazing Stranger is an anime based on the manga Over Drive Girl, which I’ve never read and now, never want to, because it is super gross. It follows the adventures of otaku and lover of dramatic monologues about how much he hates ‘real’ women Bouida Haruto and his recently purchased toy robot girl, Nona, who is somehow alive.

While the premise itself has some potential if handled right, I can tell right off the bat that this show… doesn’t. The main character is almost impossible to like, and while his over the top and blatant pervertness (is that a word? it is now) could come off as satire, I really don’t care enough to find out if it actually is. Also, the immediate instinct to gaslight a vulnerable girl in need of help? Not endearing.

Nona herself isn’t terrible – she’s a bright, kind, mildly gullible robot girl trying to do her best. But her design leaves much to be desired, and the constant objectification of her, both by Bouida and the camera, is a little extreme for my tastes.

The animation is decent enough, I guess, and the sound design isn’t bad, but when the viewer ends up rooting for one main character to off the other five minutes in, especially when they’re meant to be love interests, it speaks to some inherent flaws that aren’t likely to be surpassable.

If you haven’t guessed, I will not be watching this again. I suggest you don’t either.

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