First Impressions: Midnight Occult Civil Servants

How could a show about supernatural beings possibly be boring?


Midnight Occult Civil Servants is what happens when you combine public service with the occult in such a way as to make everything as boring as possible.

I mean, the premise sounds good on paper: Angels, and demons, and just about every other supernatural being humanity has legends about are real and there’s a secretive branch of the government dedicated to managing them and their issues. Handled correctly, this could be an excellent recipe for something either very cool or very funny. Handled correctly. That means not throwing together a whole bunch of cliché’s and hoping something works, the way this show seems to think.

So far, Midnight Occult isn’t great. It has potential, sure, the pieces are all there, but I don’t have any particular confidence that the producers will put them together in any way I’d be interested in seeing.

I probably won’t watch this again, but feel free to make your own judgement.

i see a kitty
is this a wolf or a dog? I can’t tell
bakeneko! or is it a nekomata? I can never remember the difference. Still cute, tho.

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